The MF series of extensometers are used for tactile strain measurement during tensile strength testing. These devices can be automatically or manually attached to the test sample and the measuring tip is fixed by the clamping force of the extensometer.

Each extensometer has at least two measuring tips. If the sample expands, the distance between these tips correspondingly changes and can provide the user with a determination of strain changes during the tensile test.

A wide range of extensometers are available for testing different materials.


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Nahaufnahme eines grünen Extensometers Model 3542 der Firma Epsilon
Nahaufnahme eines grünen Extensometer der Firma Epsilon

Extensometers are indispensable instruments in material testing

...and enable the precise capture of strain changes in material samples during a tensile test. Our MF series of extensometers offers a wide range of external displacement measurement systems specifically developed for tactile strain measurement.

The handling is extremely flexible and user-friendly. They can be attached to the material sample to be tested either manually or automatically. Once they are attached, the clamping forces securely hold the measuring points to the sample to ensure accurate measurements.

A distinctive feature of the extensometers in the MF series is their at least two measuring points. During the tensile test, the specimen stretches, and the distance between these measuring points changes accordingly. This change in distance allows for the accurate determination of the specimen's elongation during the test. This is of crucial importance for comprehensively characterizing the mechanical properties of a material, such as its elasticity and strength.

Another significant advantage is the ability to select the appropriate model based on the material's requirements. Each material has unique properties and requires specific tests. Therefore, we offer a wide range of extensometers tailored to the particular needs of different types of materials.

Our tools from the MF series are highly precise and reliable, indispensable in material testing. They contribute to ensuring the quality and performance of materials in various industrial sectors. If you need more information about our extensometers or help choosing the right model for your specific applications, our experts are at your disposal. Rely on our high-quality extensometer to perform accurate strain measurements during your tensile tests.