Tensile testing machines and torque testers from professionals

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Frontansicht einer zwei-säuligen Werkstoffprüfmaschine

Tensile testing machine


- single-column up to 3 kN
- twin-column up to 150 kN


of old electronics with PC and software

Accredited calibration and maintenance

of your testing machines, even machines from other manufacturers

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of your old machine


Testing your samples

Torque testing system

Horizontal torsion testing machine

- up to 5000 Nm total torque
- ISO 16047 head friction torque
- clamp force
- ISO 2320 prevailing torque

Vertical torsion testing machine

- up to 200 Nm
- for screw industry
- force/angle analysis
- servo motor control
- Satisfy EN14592, EN15737, EN10666, and ISO 2702
- Max. 1m length Timber screws for torsional test

Calibration and maintenance

Force gauges

Digital indicator imet 47

- 4 different units (weight, force, torsion, pressure)
- 7 different ranges
- 24 bit A/D converter
- USB interface
- Software

Hydraulic load cell

- up to 1,6 MN
- analog/digital gauge
- different sizes
- no power supply
- used for static application
- for vice benches

Calibration of Imetrologie NORD

Calibration of






WPM force