DAkkS Calibration

The German Accreditation Body GmbH (DAkkS), Berlin, is an organization with a private economic profile. Its accreditation is subject to the Administrative Procedures Act of the Federal Republic of Germany (VwVfG). DAkkS has EU endorsement. Since January 1, 2010, an EU regulation stipulates that all EU member states must designate a national accreditation point of contact.

The driving force behind DAkkS calibration: the DKD

The German Calibration Service (DKD), as a committee of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), was integrated into DAkkS on December 17, 2009. It became one of the four main DAkkS professional societies. This newly structured DKD ensures the cooperation of accredited calibration laboratories with the PTB.

For membership in the DKD, the applying calibration laboratory had to prove its metrological and personnel competencies. With the achievement of certification comes the entitlement to perform DAkkS calibration in the accredited measuring ranges and to document it in the so-called "DKD calibration certificate".

Mr. Friedhelm Ludwig, owner of mpk LUDWIG UG, Emsbüren, is accredited as a service technician for the company Imetrologie NORD, Institute for Metrology and Process Technology, in the field of material testing machines DAkkS and thus carries out the certified DAkkS calibration through them.

DAkkS calibration by certified laboratories

DAkkS-certified bodies - companies, laboratories - perform sovereign tasks in the sense of their accreditation. This becomes clear when looking at the DAkkS GmbH shareholders. These are

  • the Federal Republic of Germany
  • the federal states;
  • the German economy, represented by the BDI - Federation of German Industries.

In metrology, we understand calibration to be those measuring procedures with which deviations from measuring devices can be reliably and reproducibly detected and documented. The German Calibration Service (DKD) represented calibration laboratories from research, industry, technical monitoring institutions, and authorities. The DAkkS, active at the EU level, has accredited the aforementioned entities in their function as the legal successor of the DKD. This is reflected in the term DAkkS Calibration.

DAkkS adjustment: Services by Mr. Ludwig via the Institute of Imetrology North

Mr. Ludwig has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of calibration and tensile testing machine construction. The equipment of the laboratory of Imetrologie Nord, which is set up for DAkkS calibration, is aligned with these competencies. Here, Mr. Ludwig takes over the DAkkS calibration of the measuring and testing equipment you use. The DAkkS calibration is carried out with regard to the following physical measurands

  • Pressure
  • temperature
  • electrical signals
  • Materials testing machines (WPM)
  • moisture

Targeted training and further training measures for our employees and the constant review of our range of services ensure the highest level of reliability for your DAkkS calibration.

Service "on site": DAkkS calibration of your machines & devices

This also applies to the 'on-site' service. The broad spectrum of inspections and maintenance includes DAkkS calibration (of the hand force measuring devices and universal tensile machines used in your company). The DAkkS calibration carried out by Imetrologie Nord is independent of the brand and field of application. You can access this service nationwide in Germany and in neighboring foreign countries

Please contact us. We will make you an offer for your individual DAkkS calibration by Imetrologie Nord.


Factory calibration

Our informative calibration certificates, with details of the measurement uncertainty, show you the deviation of your test equipment as factory calibrations and, if desired, a comparison between before and after adjustment (as found, as left).

Validated procedures are also used to calibrate your measuring and testing equipment during factory calibration. We calibrate your measuring and testing equipment in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Compliance with the required accuracy of our measuring and testing standards is an absolute prerequisite for high, consistently good quality and confidence in our service.

To ensure this service, all measuring and testing standards used in our calibration laboratory are connected to the national standard of the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig or to other national standards by means of traceable calibration.

DAkkS Scope

DAkkS Certificate

Temperature measurands

Humidity measurands


Materials testing machines

On-site calibration