Vertical Universal Torsion Testing Machine

Determine screw quality with the vertical torque test stand from mpk-LUDWIG

This series of vertical torque test stands has been specifically developed for product torsion analysis. Many customers who purchase this device are active in the screw industry and use the test stand to test the torque of their products.

Regarding test methods, various sensors and lead-in parts are available to meet the standards. The individual measurement criteria require a suitable testing device. We will find out together which torque test stand with which accessories is right for your project

Professional software for testing torques

Through our exclusive software, force, angle, and other parameter changes are recorded simultaneously in each test to continue the calculation analysis. All test data are recorded in a protocol via Excel and can be accessed at any time.

A vertical torque test bench adapts to the requirements of your production

If needed, the machine can be adjusted. You can set up the test stand individually and straightforwardly, thus determining a variety of values. All according to the requirements of your production.

This vertical torque test stand is suitable for capacities of under 200 Nm. Larger torsion sizes can be found in the 'Universal Torsion Testing Machine' of the horizontal series.

Numerous areas of application for the vertical torque testing system

The test stand can be used for a wide variety of applications, methods, and tests. For example, with the test stand, you can perform a tool torsion test, as well as a fatigue test.

To apply these test procedures, you must mount the appropriate tool on the test stand. Examples of attachments that fall under this category include:

  • Handles including slot (flat)
  • Phillips
  • Pozidriv (ISO 8764, DIN 5260)
  • Hexagon and Torx (ISO 10664)

Vertical torque test bench - an investment for the future

If you also want to produce high-quality products in the future and place great value on durability and quality, then a torque test stand is a sensible investment. With the test stand, you thoroughly check your products. In this way, you continuously maintain a high standard of quality.

Are you interested and want to find out more about our horizontal and vertical torque test benches? Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you!