Torque testing system

Check screw quality with the torque tester from mpk-LUDWIG

Whether you’re developing or producing screws or other types of clamping systems, we recognise that you consistently need to meet high quality standards. Our torque test benches provide fast and reliable results and allow you to confidently perform quality assurance on your products.

With the test stand from mpk-LUDWIG, you can test a variety of mechanical functional properties. It determines the coefficient of friction as well as the torque and the preload force of screws and the like for you. Thanks to these tests, you can quickly and easily identify and rectify defects. This way, you maintain compliance with current norms and standards.

Reliable machines from mpk-LUDWIG

The torque tester from mpk-LUDWIG exceeds the standard requirements as well as comparable test stands and testing devices. Therefore, rely on the machines from mpk-LUDWIG to elevate the quality of your products to a new level!

The characteristics of our torque testers

Two models are available. We offer both a vertical and horizontal torque test bench, depending on your needs. Both models have their unique advantages and applications, so feel free to browse through the specifications for each.

Sensors of our torque testers

All our test stands are equipped with rotating torque sensors with low-wear slip rings. The sensor transmits an analog, DMS (strain gauge) bridge output signal in mV/V. Typically, it is used for isolated, random sampling checks or torque measurements at low speeds. The sensor automatically measures rotational speed or angle. Thus, our torque test stands are well-equipped and provide you with meaningful and accurate measurements.

User-friendly software

All screw test stands from mpk-LUDWIG are equipped with the intuitive ST-Analysis software. The software generates records, analyzes the measurement data and performs static calculations. For example, it determines the thread friction torque (ISO 16047), the clamp torque (ISO 2320), the fatigue strength, as well as the tensile strength of your screws and tensioning systems. You have the option to view, edit, and compare the test results in Excel. Thus, you ensure the continuous quality of your products.

Advantages of the software
  1. Operation: The software is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 10 and different languages can be set. You can define some commands individually.
  2. Test type: In addition to the thread friction torque (ISO 16047) and clamp torque (ISO 2320), the software also measures the endurance and tensile strength. You store the results in the database and provide information on the most frequently tested samples
  3. Statistical evaluation: The program measures the preselected values quickly and reliably.
  4. Units: The software includes a metric and empirical system of various variables such as force, length, time, load and speed. As a user, you have direct influence on the form in which the results are displayed, for example on the decimal points.
  5. Report: The evaluation can be edited via Excel. This allows you to compare values with each other. The various elements can also be saved and printed individually.
  6. Calibration: The multi-stage calibration ensures that the software determines reliable values.

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Our accessories

To provide you with the complete package, our range includes a large selection of accessories. With these, you can continually re-equip your test stand so that it always meets the requirements of your testing procedures.

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