Thermo chambers

Test temperature resistance

Testing for temperature resistance is a crucial step in evaluating the performance of materials. You would want to know at what temperature a particular material becomes porous and unstable, when it begins to melt, and how it behaves under extreme cold conditions. All these questions can be answered through comprehensive material tests in special thermal chambers or temperature control chambers.

In these sophisticated facilities, materials scientists and engineers are able to simulate a wide range of temperature conditions and analyse the reactions of materials to these extreme environments. The temperature chambers allow tests to be carried out at particularly high and low temperatures in order to obtain a comprehensive assessment of material properties. Depending on the model and technical equipment, these chambers can reach temperatures from freezing cold -80°C to scorching hot 280°C.

The information gained from these tests is of invaluable worth to various industries, whether it be in aerospace, the automotive sector, electronics manufacturing, or other fields. They enable the evaluation of the reliability of components and products under extreme conditions and ensure that they meet the required standards.

Our state-of-the-art temperature control chambers are equipped with precise control systems to ensure accurate and reproducible results. Our dedicated team of experts will support you in planning and conducting your temperature tests to ensure that you receive the relevant data you need.

If you need further information about our thermal chamber and temperature control chamber services or require assistance in selecting the most suitable temperature tests for your specific needs, we are at your disposal. Rely on our expertise and our high-quality facilities to thoroughly test the temperature resistance of your materials.


TH2700 Temperature chamber

  • Self-supporting double-shell housing made of stainless steel V2a
  • welded, outer sides cleanly ground and brushed
  • Ring heating element 2.3 kW 220Volt
  • Temperature range up to -80°C + 280°C (optional-180°C to 350°C)
  • Heat distribution with central circulation fan, air circulation principle
  • Front door with quadruple glazing, heated with 2 heating coils to allow the icing to evaporate (optional door lighting, interior lighting)
  • Feed-throughs at the top and bottom with V2a bushes inside Teflon bushes outside 50 mm (with Teflon reduction sleeve - 2 half shells)
Thermokammer TK67 mit rechteckigem Loch
Thermokammer mit rechteckigem Loch

Further models

Miniaturaufnahme einer kleinen Thermokammer
Miniaturansicht einer Thermokammer mit geöffneter Tür auf Beinen
Miniaturansicht einer hohen Temperaturkammer mit geöffneter Tür
Miniaturansicht einer Thermokammer
Miniaturansicht einer Temperaturkammer
Miniaturansicht einer Thermokammer mit geöffneter Tür
Miniaturansicht einer rechteckigen Temperaturkammer
Miniaturansicht der doppeltürigen Thermokammer

Other products besides thermo chambers

In addition to thermo chambers, tensile testing machines are used to put materials through their paces. To test with a tensile tester and evaluate the results correctly, you should use various clamping tools and extensometers. Of course, we at mpk LUDWIG also offer this equipment. In order to put together the right equipment for your requirements, our team will be happy to provide you with information and advice on the various machines and our accessories at any time. Contact us and arrange an initial consultation!