mpk-LUDWIG offers suitable test systems for determining the behavior and characteristics of a wide variety of products. The systems include special clamping fixtures and the corresponding software for carrying out tests in accordance with international standards.

Adhesion tests

Adhesive products can be tested with our machines according to international standards, e.g. tensile adhesion test, peel test, shear test, determination of adhesive strength, etc.

Typical standards are:

ASTM D903 D1367, D3433, C273, C307, C633, BS5980

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Stickers and adhesive tapes

Tests according to international standards (incl. FINAT), e.g. tensile test, peel test, tear test, determination of roll-off adhesion, etc.

Typical standards are:

Peel test: ISO 36, 4578, 6133, 8510-1/2, 11339, EN 1464, 28510-1/2, 60454-2, ASTM D1876, 3330, 3167, BS 3925, FINAT FTM 1, FTM 2, FTM 3, FTM 17
Tensile test: FINAT FTM 3, FTM 9
Tensile test: ISO 6922, EN 26922
Shear test: ISO 4587, 10123, 11003-2, 13445, EN 1465, ASTM D3163, D316
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ID/credit cards

We have an extensive range of verification systems for credit cards.

Typical standards are:

ISO 10373-1, EN 10373-1
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Automotive industry

We offer suitable testing systems to determine the quality and reliability of a range of materials and components used in the automotive industry. mpk-LUDWIG's customers include some of the world's leading companies, such as Aston Martin, Ford, Honda, Citroen, Maclaren, Mercedes, Renault, Rolls Royce and Volvo.


Fastening such as screws etc.

With our test systems, you can carry out customer-specific tests on screws, bolts, rivets, etc.

Prüfung von Befestigungselementen

Containers and packaging

Our systems include machines with a large inspection area and customized fixtures.

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We have testing systems to determine the quality and properties of concrete and related materials.

Typical standards are:

ASTM D 307, BS 6319, BS 4551
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Cartons and corrugated board

Our machines have a measuring range of up to 600 kN. They have four columns and are equipped with four load cells. The equipment with four load cells ensures high measuring accuracy even with off-center loads or if a corner should buckle. It can be tested to FCT, RCT, ECT, CCT, PAT and the relevant international standards (including ISO, BS, ASTM, TAPPI, DIN and SCAN). Devices are also available that allow pressure testing of complete boxes with a volume of up to 1.5 m³.

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Elastic materials and fabrics

Our testing systems determine the properties of elastic materials as well as textiles recognized by M&S and other leading retail groups to set comfort standards for their garments, etc.

Typical standards are:

ASTM D 2653, ASTM D 3106, ASTM D 1775, ASTM D 4964, ASTM D 6614, BS 4952, LTD 03, LTD 06, LTD 07, LTD 10, LTD 11, LTD 24, P14, P14A, P14B, P14C, P15, P15A, SL 2
Es wird die Elastizität einer Schnur getestet.


Our systems include special load cells, lightweight tensioning devices, which have been specially developed to enable tests to be carried out in accordance with the relevant international standards.

Typical standards are:

ASTM D 1294, ASTM D 5079, ASTM D 2524, ASTM D 3106, ASTM D 3217, ASTM D 1445, BS 3411, BS 4029, BS 5116, BS EN 12751, DIN 53843-2, EN ISO 5079, EN 13895, ISO 3060
Ein Prüfsystem, was speziell für die Prüfung von Glasfasern ausgelegt ist.


The Testometric AT-S and CT-S models are ideal spring testing machines. They have an internal memory to store test methods for thousands of spring types. These test methods are stored and recalled under a simple reference number/spring designation. Each method controls the entire test automatically. The required positions are approached and the required calculations are performed and results determined.
The large color display shows the spring characteristic curve in real time. Updated statistics for the maximum, minimum and average values of each calculation are also displayed. Machines are available with a force range from 100 N to 500 kN.
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Strength of embellishments

We offer the appropriate testing systems to determine the strength of embellishments on garments. These are recognized by M&S and other leading retail groups.
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Foils and paper sheets

They have been specially developed to determine tensile, peel, tear, puncture and friction properties.

Typical standards are:

Tensile test: EN ISO 527-3, ASTM D882, BS 2782-3
Tear-off test: BS 2782-3, ISO 6383/1, ASTM D1004, ASTM D1938
Piercing test: ISO 3303-A, ASTM D3787, D5748, D2582, EN 14477, ASTM F1306
Friction test: ISO 8295, ASTM D1894, BS 2782-8, BS 5961
Peel test: ASTM D5458
Blocking: ASTM D1833
Ein Präzisionsprüfgerät, das automatisch die Berstfestigkeit bestimmt.


Testometric's testing systems have been specially developed to carry out tests in accordance with the relevant international standards.

Typical standards are:

ASTM D 204, ASTM D 434, ASTM D 1578, ASTM D 2256, ASTM D 2653, ASTM D 3106, ASTM D 2731, ASTM D 4034, ASTM D 5344, ASTM D 6720, BS 1932-1, BS 1932-2, BS 4650, BS 4674, BS 6372, BS EN ISO 2062, DIN 53834-2, DIN 53835-2, DIN 53835-3, DIN 53835-4, DIN 53842-1, DIN 53843-1, EN ISO 2062, ISO 2060, ISO 2062, ISO 3341, ISO 6939, ISO 9073-3, P70
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Geotextiles and geogrids

The systems include special clamping devices for carrying out tests such as tensile and tear tests, seam tests, puncture tests (including CBR), etc. A non-contact video extensometer is available for accurate determination of elongation.

Typical standards are:

ASTM D4533, ASTM D4595, ASTM D4632, ASTM D4833, ASTM D4884, ASTM D4885, ASTM D5199, ASTM D5262, ASTM D5323, ASTM D5397, ASTM D5494, ASTM D5884, ASTM D6241, ASTM D6392, ASTM D6496, ASTM D6693, GRI GG1, GRI GG2, GRI GM10, GRI GM12, BS EN ISO 10319, BS EN ISO 9073-4, BS ISO 7304 9073-3, BS ISO 7304 9073-4, BS 6906, UNI 8279, BS EN ISO 12236, DIN 54307
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mpk-LUDWIG supplies standard testing systems for the industry to determine the properties of GRC materials. The systems include special fixtures and software that have been specially developed in cooperation with the leading suppliers and enable testing according to the respective international standards. The values that can be calculated include LOP, MOR, Ym and I values.

Typical standards are:

BS 6342, EN 1170-4, EN 1170-5, ASTM C 1230, ASTM C 947-03
Die Eigenschaften von GRC-Materialien werden getestet.


We supply a comprehensive range of test systems suitable for testing building glass.

Typical standards are:

European Standard EN 1288-3:2000
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Rubber and elastomersEN 1288-3:2000

Testometric supplies a comprehensive range of testing systems for testing rubber and elastomers. The systems include special fixtures, temperature chambers, software, contact and video extensometers specifically designed to perform tests to the relevant international standards.

Typical standards are:

Tensile test: ISO 37, 4074-9, 2285, 2231, 2321, ASTM D 412, D 2433, D 3492, D 1414, D 1456, D 4482, BS 903, EN 1804704
Peel test: ASTM D 413, D 429, BS 903
Compression test: ASTM D 575,BS 903, ISO 7743
Tear test: ASTM D 624, D 1229, BS 903, ISO 34
Längenänderungsaufnehmer für Material-Prüfmaschinen

Webbing and straps

High-strength narrow fabrics, webbings and straps are highly technical materials used in applications with high forces, such as seat belts, safety belts and lifting/carrying straps, etc.. It is important that this material is tested to ensure that it can withstand the high forces acting on it. It must also meet the required specifications in terms of elongation.

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Wood and wood-based panels

Testometric testing systems are ideal for testing wood or similar products such as plywood, MDF, OSB, or wood-based panels etc. The systems are suitable for tensile and bending tests, determining the pull-out forces of nails and screws as well as for shear and other tests.

Typical standards are:

prEN310, prEN311, prEN314-1, prEN319, EN311, EN320, EN789, BS373, BS1142, BS2482, BS4512, BS5820, BS EN392, AS/NZS 4266.6, D1037-89, D147-83, D897, ASTM D1037, EN 319, EN 789, BS 5669-1, DIN 52365, DIN 52377, EN ISO 310, BS 1142, BS 5660, EN 789, DIN 52362, EN 320, EN 5669, BS 1142, BS 5669, EN 314-1, BS EN 392
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Our test systems are suitable for determining the properties of insulating materials, which have been specially developed to enable tests to be carried out in accordance with the relevant international standards.

Typical standards are:

ASTM C165, ASTM C203, ASTM C273, ASTM C367, ASTM C686, ASTM D1621, ASTM D1623, ASTM D3575, ANSI/ASTM D2406, BS EN1607, EN1608, BS EN ISO1798, DS EN ISO3386-1, BS3837, BS4370, BS4443, BS5241,BS EN12090, EN12430, EN12431, DIN 53577
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Cables, wires and ropes

The systems are suitable for carrying out tensile tests on wires and sheaths as well as tests to determine pull-off forces on the end sleeves or crimps. Machines with an extended frame height are available. There are also horizontal versions that can accommodate lengths of five meters and more.

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Our testing machines are ideal for determining the tensile, bending, tear, shear, compression, piercing and adhesion properties. Accessories such as standard, precision and video extensometers, thermo chambers, specimen preparation equipment, etc. are also available.

Typical standards are:

ASTM D 638, ASTM D 2990, ASTM D 3826, ISO 527-2, DIN 53534, DIN 65378, DIN 65466, ASTM D 882, ASTM D 1708, ASTM D 5083, ASTM D 882, BS EN 12311, BS EN 12814, BS EN 12814, BS EN ISO 527, BS 2782, BS EN ISO 527, BS 2782-3, BS 2782-11, ASTM D 790, BS EN ISO 178, DIN 53458, ISO 178, ASTM D 6272, ASTM D 790, ASTM D 4476, BS EN ISO 178, BS EN ISO 899-2, ISO 8067, ASTM D 3574, BS 2782-3-360, ASTM D 1004, ASTM D 1938, ISO 6383-1, ASTM C 273, ASTM D 732, ASTM D 2344, ASTM D 695M, ASTM F 806, ASTM D 695, ASTM D 2343, BS EN 2597, BS EN 2747, BS EN ISO 527, BS ISO 3597-3, BS EN ISO 14126, BS 6319-2, BS EN 2562, BS 2782-10, ASTM F 1306, ASTM F 88, ASTM F 904, ASTM D 903, ASTM D 1876, ASTM D 3167
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Load fastenings

The testing of load attachments is very important. Machines with an enlarged frame are available for testing complete assemblies.



Test systems for determining the quality and reliability of materials and components are also used in the aviation industry. Customers such as Aeronautique, Air France, Alitalia, British Aerospace, BAE Systems, GEC Aviation, RAF and Short Aviation use test systems from mpk-LUDWIG.
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Marks & Spencer

M&S are world renowned for the high quality standards they demand from their suppliers. To enable these suppliers to meet these demands, we supply suitable test systems with all relevant M&S test methods pre-configured.
The test systems include approved load cells, clamping tools and easy-to-select test methods verified by M&S, which automatically make the necessary settings for the test procedure and configure the required calculations.
mpk-LUDWIG continuously supports the programs and the ability to upgrade test methods remotely. These are important factors in ensuring that the systems meet the requirements of the annual M&S inspections.
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Medical products

Test systems are available that can be used to test a wide variety of medical products. These include tablets, tubes, syringes, bandages, artificial joints, prostheses, catheters, needles, sutures, vessels/containers, protective clothing/masks and much more. Horizontal testing machines with multiple load cells are also available, allowing tests to be performed to determine the forces generated when, for example, a catheter is passed through arteries.
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Testing systems with a capacity of up to 600 kN with self-closing pneumatic or hydraulic wedge grips, precision extensometers, thermo chambers, etc. are available.

Typical standards are:

ASTM E8M, ASTM E21, ASTM A 370, ASTM F519, ASTM B557, BS18/1, BS18/2, BS240, BS 1140, BS1639, BS2874, BS3855, BS4449, BS4482, BS4483, BS4545, BS ISO 5600 2740, BS ISO 5600 3325, BS ISO 5600 3928, BS EN 10002-1, EN10002-5, DIN50106, DIN50111, DIN50145, prEN845-3
Spezielles Prüfsystem für die Bewertung der Festigkeit und der Eigenschaften aller Arten von Metallen und Legierungen.


The software includes the calculation of results for toughness, ripeness, stability, etc.
Ein Peelingwerkzeug bei der Arbeit.


We offer suitable testing systems for testing safety and fishing nets.
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Our test systems are ideal for carrying out tests such as tensile, wet strength, tear, friction, peel tests, etc. in accordance with the relevant international standards.

Typical standards are:

EN ISO 1924-2, EN ISO 1924-3, EN ISO 12625-4, EN ISO 12625-5, ASTM D828, ASTM D1894, BS 4415, BS 2992, DIN 53112, DIN 54515, DIN 54516, JIS P8115, TAPPI T 231, TAPPI T 456, TAPPI T 494, TAPPI T 506, TAPPI T 541, TAPPI T 546, TAPPI T 837
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Testometric offers suitable test systems for testing zippers in order to be able to carry out tests according to the respective international standards.
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Wider and taller frames are available to test pipes up to two meters in diameter.

Typical standards are:

ASTM F1281, ASTM F1282, ASTM D1785, ASTM D2105, ASTM D2290, ASTM D2412, ASTM D2513, WIS4-32-13, WIS4-32-17, EN253, EN802, EN1394, EN1979, BS EN ISO9967, BS EN1446, ISO 3501, ISO 6259, ISO 9969, ISO 13953, BS5480, prEN13476-1, DIN16961, DIN16961-2
Nahaufnahme eines Spannwerkzeuges


The machine can be configured to store a large number of test methods that monitor the test cycle and display a force/displacement diagram in real time. This diagram can also display certain parameters such as the breaking force of switches directly on the curve. Changes in resistance can also be detected during the test so that any problems with the switches can be detected at an early stage.
The machine is equipped with a large base plate and an adjustable load cell in order to be able to test even complex multiple switches. The results and statistics can be printed out. Reports can also be generated.


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Systems are available for tensile, compression, shear and tear tests as well as for hardness tests, etc.

Typical standards are:

ASTM C 203, ASTM C 273, ASTM C 367, ASTM D 1055, ASTM D 1565, ASTM D 1621, ASTM D 1623, ASTM D 1667, ASTM D 2406, ASTM D 3574, BS EN 1607, BS EN ISO 1798, BS EN ISO 2439, BS 3837, BS 4370, BS 4443, BS 5241, DIN 53427, DIN 53577, ISO 1926, ISO 1209, ISO 1922, ISO 844, ISO 3386, ISO 8067
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Our test systems are ideally suited for testing shoes according to standards.
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Customized clamping fixtures can also be offered to test customers' special products..
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Bags made of polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene materials are used in a variety of products for the packaging and transportation of goods. Well-known products are, for example, bags used for the transportation of building materials. Testometric is a test system supplier to many manufacturers of these products. For example, strength tests can be carried out on the straps themselves, on fabric, on finished bags and on carrying handles.
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We can carry out a wide range of tests on carpets and similar products using our machines. This includes, for example, tensile tests, strength tests, splitting tests, fiber extraction and bending tests.
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We offer suitable test systems for determining the strength and properties of a wide range of composite materials.

Typical standards are:

ASTM C297, ASTM C364, ASTM C365, ASTM C393, ASTM C273, ASTM D4310, ASTM D3479, ASTM D3518, ASTM D3846, ASTM D5520, ASTM D5766, ASTM D6742, ASTM D6641, EN ISO14125, EN ISO14126, EN ISO14129, EN ISO14130, EN ISO527-4, BS 7260
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