We take your tensile testing machines into the future
Second hand tensile testing machine

Value retention for tensile testing machines: Modernization of existing systems

Tensile and compression testing machines are used in a wide variety of industries. They are used to test materials for their load limits over many years. The devices are durable capital goods. If the test requirement profile changes over time or if technical development progresses so quickly that the existing testing system has become obsolete and impractical, the question arises: new acquisition or retrofitting?

If the mechanics, possibly the drive and the transducers are still acceptable, there is a cost-effective alternative to a new purchase: modernization of your tensile testing machine with control and measurement electronics from DOLI!

DOLI electronics and software are suitable for spindle testing machines as well as for hydraulic tensile testing machines and special testing systems. They run in over 20,000 testing systems worldwide and can also bring your tensile testing machine back up to the latest state of the art!

Modernization and maintenance of tensile testing machines with electric drive

DOLI Elektronik has been retrofitting and modernizing tensile testing machines with electric motor drives since 1979.

We supply you with the complete system – from the transducer power supply and measured value processing to digital control of the drive in the appropriate control mode.

Also supplied are:

  • Power amplifier for the motor
  • Manual control keypad
  • PCs for displaying measured values
  • Software for graphical evaluation and further processing
  • Further additions or ergonomic add-ons
    –> Existing or new extensometers are adapted to the test conditions.


Learn more about the modernization of testing machines

Please fill out our contact form or give us a call if you would like to find out more about our modernization services. We will advise you specifically on your case and give you our assessment of whether it is worthwhile for you to upgrade your tensile testing machine. If not, we will also be happy to advise you on our used tensile testing machines. We look forward to helping you in any case!