Horizontal Universal Torsion Testing Machine

Torque measurements with high and consistent quality

The screws or other tensioning systems you have developed and produced must meet continuously high-quality requirements. The interplay of pre-tensioning force and torque is one of the important analyses in determining screws in assembly. The easy operation of our torque test stands supports you in routine tasks in your production. Fast and precise measurements ensure high-quality products.

The DIN EN ISO 16047 (Torque/Preload Force Test) describes the procedure for organizing the tightening characteristics of threaded connection elements and similar parts.

The horizontal test stand determines the total coefficient of friction and more

Torque test stands from mpk-LUDWIG comply with the standard and determine the following measurement results during the test:

  • Total coefficient of friction μtot
  • Thread coefficient of friction μth
  • Nut or head bearing coefficient of friction μb
  • Preload force at yield point Fy
  • Thread coefficient of friction μth
  • Breaking torque Tu
  • Breaking force Fu

Advantages of our torque test bench

The advantages of our torque test stand are numerous. Whether it is a horizontal or vertical test stand, this powerful instrument enables you to precisely determine the preload force, torque, and coefficient of friction for various screws. This allows you to identify potential defects and quality issues early on and address them straightforwardly before they lead to bigger problems.

The user-friendliness of our torque test stand is another major plus. The machine is characterized by its simple operation, and the accompanying software is extremely user-friendly. This reduces the familiarization phase with the device to a minimum. Even users without extensive technical knowledge can quickly and effectively become acquainted with how it works.

In various industries, from the automotive sector to aerospace, our torque test stand offers a reliable solution for quality assurance. The accurate measurement results and easy handling make it an indispensable tool for optimizing production processes and ensuring product quality. Rely on the performance and user-friendliness of our torque test stand to make your workflows more efficient and your products more reliable.

Take your production to a new level!

The horizontal torque test stand from mpk-LUDWIG measures reliably meaningful values. This allows you to continuously work on the quality of your products and take your production to a new level!

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